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2011-03-12 04:55 pm


'Verse Summary: For a little more than a year, Carol Marcus and Jim Kirk were in a relationship that got to be rather serious. The two were very much in love, and very happy, until the day that Carol, pregnant, left Jim without telling him she was going to bear his child. Almost six years later, in early 2261, Carol is riding aboard the Enterprise on her way to a planet for research related to the Genesis Project. Due to their close proximity, it's almost inevitable that Carol and Jim Kirk will be forced to interact. Eventually, the truth about David and his parentage is revealed, and many things change.

THREAD LIST (in chronological order)

#1- In which Jim has a birthday: It's the first time Jim and Carol are spending his birthday together as a couple, and things are definitely turning out about as well as expected- that is to say, badly.
Jim: Just a day like any other...
Carol: Jim? [Her voice is quiet, her presence unassuming. She'll leave if he wants her to, but she'd like to stay if he'll let her.]

#2- In which the truth comes out: Not long into Carol's trip, she lets slip a detail about her life which Kirk finds more than a little interesting for more than on reason.
Carol: I'm fine. Just missing my son.
Jim: [Well that's a conversation stopper if ever he heard one.]

#3-In which everyone needs a drink or three: One prompt, two conversations, three people in need of alcoholic beverages.
Jim: [Slowly sipping a much needed drink.]
a) In which Jim gets a picture of David: After Carol's confession leads to confrontation, the two try to make some peace via Saurian brandy and a picture of David.
b) In which Jim needs Bones: In need of advice and a favor, Jim calls his best friend for help.

#4- In which Carol and Gaila eat cookies:
After her conversation with Jim, Carol retreats to the rec room for some much-needed thinking time. Gaila wanders in and decides to chat.
Gaila: Hi. Do you want some company?
Carol: [She shrugs a little in response to the question.] You're welcome to stay. I don't know how good of company I'll be, though.

#5- In which a child is excited: During their first vid call since she's been aboard the Enterprise, and, more importantly, since her talk with Jim, Carol reveals to David the identity of his father.
Carol: [Smiling shakily at vidscreen.] Hi, baby.
David: Hi, Mommy! How's the Enterprise?