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Fall From Eden 'Verse

Plot thus far:
Carol has to ride the Enterprise while she's being brought to a planet to see something that may be vital in helping with Project Genesis' development. While aboard, it's practically impossible for her and Jim Kirk ([livejournal.com profile] owns_the_chair) not to interact, and eventually in one of their conversations Carol's son David ([livejournal.com profile] d_marcus) comes up and Jim learns that he has a son he never knew about. They argue, but eventually the rage fizzles out and they reconcile over drinks. Afterwards, Jim calls up his best friend Bones ([info]hesdead_jim), in need of much advice, and Carol returns to her quarters to try to figure out how to break the news to David in her next vid call with him.

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Possible 'verse ideas
1) Carol and Jim met on Tarsus IV: Prompty questions under cut. )

2) Carol told Jim that she was pregnant when she found out: Prompty questions under cut. )

3) Carol's life as a single mother: Prompty questions after cut. )

4) Carol joined Starfleet Academy: Prompty questions under cut. )

5) Carol and Jim never met until she needed to hitch a ride on the Enterprise: Prompty questions under cut. )

6) Carol's allowed to beam down with an away team, but they get taken prisoner and tortured: Prompty questions under cut. )

7) Carol and the other researchers of the Genesis Project are being threatened by people who think the Project is a bad idea:More prompty stuff here. )

8) Based on Stars and the Moon from the play Songs for a New World. More prompty stuff under the cut. )

If you're interested in playing any or some combination of these, or have an idea of your own that you're interested in trying out, PM or leave a comment! =)

NOTE: You don't have to be a Jim Kirk or even a Trek!muse to RP with Carol. I'll try threading with just about anyone doing just about anything, so long as we don't do any explicit sex scenes. I'm a bit prudish, and they make me embarrassed, so you'll have to find someone else for that. But gratuitous angst, h/c, fluff, torture, etc.? Sign me up!


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