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~About Carol~
  • Dr. Carol Marcus, Reboot!Star Trek.
  • Female, blonde, blue-eyed. Playby Rachael Taylor.
  • Born June 1, 2233. Early-twenties to early thirties, depending on 'verse. Default age 26/27.
  • Straight/heterosexual, single.
  • Federation's golden girl and youngest/most prominent molecular biologist.
  • Inventor and head researcher of the highly controversial Genesis project.
  • Soon-to-be passenger aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, en route to Regula I for research related to Genesis.
  • Mother died when she was 13, relationship with father tenuous at best.
  • Former lover of Jim Kirk. Left him because he was reckless and she was pregnant with their son, didn't tell him.
  • Mother of David James Marcus, born September 5, 2255.
  • Stubborn, lonely, insecure, married to the job, definitely possibly still in love with Jim.
  • Cool-tempered, honest, kind, intelligent, self-sacrificing.
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Character survey to come. 
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Hey there, everyone! Got any crit for me on how I play Carol? Let me know here at the latest HMD post!

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The Interrogation
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