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The Genesis Project

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Name:Dr. Carol Marcus | Reboot!Star Trek
Birthdate:Jun 1
Location:United States of America
Let me show you something that will make you feel
young as when the world was new.

  • Dr. Carol Marcus, Reboot!Star Trek.
  • Female, blonde, blue-eyed.
  • Born June 1, 2233. Default age 26/27.
  • Heterosexual, single.
  • Federation's golden girl and youngest/most prominent molecular biologist.
  • Mother died when she was 13, relationship with father tenuous at best.
  • Stubborn, lonely, insecure, married to the job.
  • Cool-tempered, honest, intelligent, self-sacrificing.

  • Joined Starfleet Academy and was in the same year as James T. Kirk and his contemporaries.
  • Chose the Science Division.
  • Assigned to the USS Enterprise during the Narada attacks and again afterwards.
  • Currently holds rank of Lieutenant.

  • Inventor and head researcher of the highly controversial Genesis project.
  • Soon-to-be passenger aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, en route to Regula I for research related to Genesis.
  • Former lover of Jim Kirk. Left him because he was reckless and she was pregnant with their son, didn't tell him.
  • Mother of David James Marcus, born September 5, 2255.

This account has been created in order to roleplay a reboot version of the Star Trek character Dr. Carol Marcus. The mun does not lay any claim whatsoever to the Star Trek franchise, nor does she have any affiliation to the actress chosen to be the playby for this character (Rachael Taylor.) Please specify which 'verse you would prefer, otherwise I will likely default to Starfleet. Formerly played on account marcusc_genesis. Layout credit to vox_mortem
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